Friday, April 15, 2011

"It starts."

Starting a blog is hard work. First you have to think of an idea that you want to communicate with other people. Then, you have to think of a way to effectively communicate that idea to people. Blogs have a purpose, for one reason or another: entertainment, education, an outlet for various creative ideas that would be lost otherwise. Hopefully this blog will be that for me.

I believe two things. Firstly, I believe that video game music holds a great value to our society in the modern age. The scores from video games literally encompass every existing genre and create some of their own, which is not an easy feat. It's music that expresses action and emotion, and it's designed to elicit memory from its players. Secondly, I believe that video game music is unjustly disregarded as an art form. This may stem from the fact that video games themselves are not yet considered an art form (due to their underpinnings in commercialism), but this is no reason to disregard the work that these composers put into expressing the environment of a virtual world with the power of music.

Hopefully these ideas will be clearer after I write a few posts. I'll end this post with a video game song that may challenge the idea that music from video games is "not real music."

You'd better believe that Professor Layton will be getting his own post.

If all goes as planned, I shall have my first real update soon. So, stay tuned!


  1. Yay! Man, that Layton song is great. (It's one of the few DS games I've played.) I'm looking forward to this blog. Have you ever listened to the podcasts at He hasn't posted recently, but the podcasts analyse VGM academically. Quite neat.
    Nick Hayden

  2. I hadn't seen that before, but I'm definitely going to check it out! Hopefully this blog will live up to high expectations. I don't know how academically I'll be able to talk about theory, but hopefully I'll be able to talk about why these songs fit in the context of the game, along with just making people aware of some of this beautiful music.

  3. As long as you remind me of awesome music like the one above, I'll be happy. ;-)

  4. I hope this is the reference:

  5. I'm surprised anyone got that reference, but if anyone would, it'd be you. =)